Meizu Flyme OS 7 Update: Release Date, Features, Download

Meizu officially announced its next version of its OS, the “Flyme OS 7” at an event on Sunday. Alongside the Flyme 7, the company also announced the Meizu 15 lineup of smartphones at the same event. Read on the following for complete details about Flyme OS 7 Update Release Date, Eligible Devices, Features and Download.

Meizu 15, Meizu 15 Plus, and Meizu 15 Lite are the latest Meizu 15 lineup smartphones which comes pre-installed with Flyme OS 7 firmware. Apart from these, there are also dozens of Meizu phones confirmed to get the new version of its OS (the full list is at the bottom).

Meizu Flyme OS 7 update release date feature download

Flyme OS 7 features over 300 new functions and 1,300 optimizations. These changes are from a system launcher to the new face unlock. It can unlock the device in just 0.1s which is as fast as the fingerprint recognition. Currently, it is limited to Meizu 15 lineup devices, where older devices will soon enjoy in the coming days.

Flyme OS 7 – Top Features

Meizu’s latest OS brings new game modes, AI beautification, portrait backtracking, night mode, face recognition, app index, data retrieving and more. Apart from this, the new Flyme OS 7 also brings new visual effects: new icons and new animations.

Flyme OS 7 Game Mode

Flyme OS 7 is powered by the company’s own Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based assistant called One Mind. The company says that it is now “smarter than ever.” And the Gaming Mode lets users to enjoy games more deeply without disturbance. And the enhancement is also convincing. For complete details about Flyme 7 features, do refer the below source link.

Flyme 7 – Eligible Devices

According to a GSMArena report, the following are the list of Meizu Phones to get Flyme OS 7 update via OTA – Meizu Pro 7, Meizu Pro 7 Plus, Meizu Pro 6, Meizu Pro 6s, Meizu Pro 6 Plus, Meizu Pro 5, Meizu MX6, Meizu E3, Meizu M6 Note, Meizu M6s, Meizu M5 Note, Meizu M3 Max, Meizu M3 Note.  Other models including Meizu M3s, Meizu, E2, Meizu E2, Meizu Pro 5, Meizu MX5, and Meizu M2 Note are also expected to get latest Flyme OS 7 firmware update.

Flyme OS 7 – Download Firmware

As said, the Flyme 7 update for eligible devices will be rolling out via OTA in the coming weeks. Users will soon see an update notification popping-up on their device status bar. Make sure to use high speed internet connection say Wi-Fi to download the firmware.

Stay tuned with us as we’ll update with tutorials on how to manually install Flyme OS 7 on Meizu smartphones once company starts rolling out the firmware update.

Source – FlymeOS Forum